Friday, February 27

Blogs, blogs, everywhere blogs...

Happy Friday!!!

It seems this week - and even this MONTH - has just flown by!!! Where did it go, where did it go?!!?!

In the middle of sewing, crafting, junking...any and all trouble I can find to get smack into the middle of, I have discovered the wonderful people over in the junkrevolution community! Oh - there is SO much fun to be had!!! I have enjoyed throwing my 2 cents in on various subjects as well as lurking around on the blogs of creative geniuses - the masters (or would it be mistresses?) of junk - the purveyors of all things vintage, retro and "trashy". I am in awe of their blogs, their sparkly things, their vintage eyes are crossed from blog jumpin', my voice is shot from saying "look at this" over and over and over (I think my cat is now saying that...) and my living room has been re-decorated countless times over the past month!!!

Let me share some greatness with you!!!

I am now on the hunt for spoons...wouldn't that make a great back-splash? My lil' brother and I used to have spoon wars (don't ask...) - this would have been handy! Just grab and go!!! Thank You to belle maison!

And I'm thinkin' this would be FANTASTIC on my dining room wall!!! Thank You to Ann!

Since I don't cook (I tend to be a pyro in training...I thoroughly believe in explosive baked goods...) I can look to Margo for inspiration on re-using my spice bottles!!!

Let this remind you that you should never leave home without the required sparkly thing...
Thank You Meg (i think i stalk her blog...her style is GREAT!!! - you have to go check her out!!!)

Now I have to get to work! All of these blogs - and so many more - have me going 90 to nothin' on my quest to redefine red.neck style! I have duct tape, do travel and I don't EVER hesitate to use it.

Thank You Marge for truckin' in a list of blogs! Okay, yeah, that was bad, but you DO have to admire her truck...
(if there were only some cinder blocks under it...)

Have a great week-end - Happy Junkin' - and Welcome to March!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...

:-) robelyn

thank you to...
bellemaison, magpie cottage, margo's junkin' journal and vintagescraps

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