Friday, February 13

Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

red.neck Chic (she’-k) is gearing up (or is that saddlin’ up?!) for her “debut” in Ft. Worth, Texas!

So, with that of course comes the manic junking sprees, (nobody likes those…ha-ha!!!) the sound of a sewing machine running at 2am (and 3am and 4am…) – all of the fun (and I say that seriously!) leading up to a show! It’s the time when you think and re-think and then re-think again your booth space, displays, product, price ranges, packaging, marketing, advertising…my list and ideas go on and on!

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas” Linus Pauling

With all of that being said, I have to tell you that I have stepped away from being a “purveyor of junk” to being an internet “JUNK”ie! I have surfed the cyber waves of all brilliant artists, boutique owners, designers and bloggers that have gone before me! I wander aimlessly and see something that spurs an idea for something totally un-related and voila’! Display idea! Or…the next “red.neck Chic” creation – and sometimes (okay, most times) my house gets a major overhaul…

Look at some of the display ideas I have found!!!

You really can’t beat cream and white as a backdrop but don’t you just want to park this wire planter in your living room? Oh! Then you could have a different typewriter key bracelet each day! I think it’s a wonderful way to display sparkly things!

yes….it is the middle of February and I am supposed to be thinking hearts and mushy things, but the different levels used in the display are fantastic! I love the vintage suitcases and will have a few of my own! Not only great “stackers” for my displays but what better way to haul purses, sparkly things, kitchen fun stuff and lamps!

Here I am again with Christmas…but what a fantastic idea! I have a tree limb in my display idea book now! I can think of a million different things to hang from the ceiling – I just have to come up with a ceiling! And I love the table, the chairs, and the area rug…the whole shebang!!! Hmmmm…….idea number….

Is that a refrigerator? Used for display? How REDNECK is that!!! It can’t be…

Oh wait! It IS!!! This is the beginning of “red.neck Chic’s” booth! (yes, it’s possible that I have the antique mall in an uproar…) Well, c’mon….I had to get it off of my front porch and put it SOMEWHERE!!!

Come back and visit and I will be sure to keep you updated on my upcoming show adventures! I will share what I learn all along the way!!! If you have any ideas, suggestions or tips – I am all ears and eyes!!!

‘Til the next time! Happy junkin’ and never leave home without your duct tape...


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