Wednesday, April 28


The Party Never Ends!

Destination: McKinney, TX
Travel Time: A whhhhhhiiiiiilllllle

Had to.  Really.... I HAD to go meet Millie the Moose (you know me!) - the Mascot of the coolest shop on the square in McKinney!!  Oh - and Lisa and Susan!  The owners of Millie... and the coolest shop!!!

And what a GORGEOUS shop it is...

 just my style!

All they need are some more strips of duct tape - a few cinder blocks - a skeeter zapper...

oh - wait, no - it's perfect and WORTH a road-trip - even a 4 hour one (or is that ESPECIALLY a 4 hour one?)Are you on your way yet?  Wanna know more about it?  Check this out!!! As if THAT'S not enough to get you in your car, let me tempt you with this...

very very very large - cooler than cool shag rug
upside down drawers
vault doors that i want in the single-wide
cows - lingerie - cowgirly boots - sparkles

oh yeah! Pictures speak louder than words - oops!  Look here and here!

Annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd.... because you know me so well...

the road trip (the not-enough-garage-sales-road trip) HAD to be documented in SOME way!

Please excuse "mrs. fran.cis" for being bashful - she's making her on-line debut!  This is the second bag (with many more to come!) of my newest pattern design... it really is comin' to you live!

“mrs. Fran.cis – drivin’ ms. Daisy” is the by-product of a road trip that was SUPPOSED to take 56 minutes… but instead took 4 hours!  Why?  Well… garage sales (where the lace was adopted from), more garage sales (where the up-cycled belt was adopted from) and a thrift store (where the up-cycled suede skirt was adopted from!)!  ‘nuf said?  Hee-hee

Go visit "mrs. Fran.cis" - she's found her new home in the "primitiques meets red.neck" mini-shop on Etsy!

Do you think the Mindy thought she was driving Ms. Daisy?  hmmmm...

What have you been up to?  I have to tell you - I miss makin' my rounds and givin' you some grief - so just a warning... I'm on my way over...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I have discovered coconut m&m's... they are NOT melting in my hand!  yummmmmmmm!) ... hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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