Tuesday, October 30

haHA! pffffft... hmmm... whoohoo!

FYI - when i type "pfffft" i make the "pfffft" noise along with my typing of the "pfffft" noise and then i crack myself up...

SO easily entertained... (pointing at myself).


Yesterday I got a box in the mail from my FAVORITE Hillbilly redneck that lives in the wrong state! Or maybe I live in the wrong state...

I opened the box, pulled a piece of burlap out of the top and then...

SEW many patches fell out - and MORE fell out... then EVEN MORE fell out and then I FELL OUT laughing!!! Kim - you are absolutely PRICELESS - you know that, right? I laughed so hard - threw some in the air and let them rain down on my head... started reading some of the names and giggled 'til my sides hurt!!! With your aidin' and abedin' I figure I'm going to go in to the "new identity" business with my pearl-snap shirts serving as a passport! Or a calling card!

Need an Alias? come see me.
Going in to Witness Protection? i can hook you up.

Wanna be Floyd? Eddie? Bob? Rocky? Daryl? Take your pick - because of Kim, I can fix you right up!


When I was pulling scraps of velvet and cut-velvet and laying them all out on my cutting table, it went through my mind and out of my mouth that perhaps I was done with the cut velvets. Then I finished this pocketbook...

now I want to keep it. Annnnddddd.... I think I'm not done playing in the velvet. pfffffft...


I designed a new purse pattern! A super simple cross-body bag...

and am fresh out of names for her! The floor is now YOURS!!! Any suggestions?


I'm gonna be rolling my duct tape up the highway to Arlington sew that I can wreak some red.neck havoc at the Junk Hippy Roadshow!

I'm gonna take some junk... some more junk... and allllllllllllllllllllll of the other things that come out of my head! Am I in a panic? yes.

It's less than 2 weeks away!!! My morning coffee mantra is, "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this." then I run out in to the lab.or.a.tory and make great things! Then more coffee... then more great things... then more coffee...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where you KNOW I'm on a pearl-snap shirt roll now thanks to Kim... who do you want to be today? hee-hee

Have a Happy Happy Halloween - save me some candy! I'm SERIOUSLY craving some of those little Milky Way bars! And some Gummy Worms!!! bwoooohahahahaha

p.s. I am now done making funny noises (i AM always laughing though)... carry on. ;-) xoxo


  1. What a fun package! I would wear a different name pinned on e everyday.
    I am SOOO super serial excited to see you in Arlington. Woohoo!

  2. Ohhhhh. I have a serious crush on name patches. Must acquire one or ten. ;)

  3. When I go into the witness protection program ('cause you know I know dirt), could you make me one with the name "Magenta" on the pocket? Just in case I forget my new name!

  4. Wowza!!! What a stash and I know you'll put them to good use!!

  5. Fun post...great friend! Love those names...I can just imagine what you will do with them! Love the purse...how about Bullwinkle?

  6. Don't know why, but that purse made me think of Paul Bunyon...maybe Pauline?

  7. I have never seen so many name patches in one place!! How cute is that. What about "Miss Paul*E" for a name? You will see where I am coming from with my name, loved this post:)

  8. Look at all of those name tags...

    That would be a great way to come up with a baby's name... put all of those into a bowl and draw em out...

    Are there any 'Jim Bob Earl' name tags??

    Happy Hallowe'en!!


  9. If you have a Noah, I want it!

  10. What a stash...you can truly be a name dropper now!! Hee Hee...
    Loving your new purse and I love when you call for names!
    Hmmm...working on one already mentioned...how about Paul E Pocket (loved those little dolls) or since it is showing all the rich colors and textures of fall "Autumn"?

  11. Oh...and if you have a Sandi with an I, let me know, hard to find!

  12. What a fabulous box of goodies!!!!! Maybe you can find a name or two for your newest collection in there;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. I'm not sure what you are going to call the pattern. But, I am going to call this bag "mine"! he he he Love it! Great seeing you yesterday. ~M


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