Sunday, March 8

Postscript and an award!!!

WOW!!! It's my first award!!! Thank You Thank You Cindy!!! (you have to go check our her blog - it is so fun!!!)

Now I have to list 5 things that I am addicted to...wait, this could be SO hard - there are more than 5!!! And then - mercy me - I have to pick 5 blogs that I love! (why 5? this is bad....I have WAY more than 5...)

Okay, here goes - drum roll please!!!

#1. I am addicted to watching my son grow...He is the very reason that I am who I am. He inspires in me several things...Love and tenderness, awe and admiration for who and what he is, and respect for the man he will become.

#2. Sundays naps.

#3. Junk stores...need I elaborate on that one?

#4. Four legged furry things - I can't resist them. And they seem to follow me home. Absolutely un-explainable.

#5. Coffee...any kind of coffee.... all kinds of coffee... not even the expensive kind of coffee... just give me some coffee and all will be well.

Now, blogs...oh, my list is long - but here are some of my favorites!

#1. Margo - now THAT is some great stuff!!! She is so creative!!!

#2. Ann - I have plans for a trip to Indiana so I can get lost in her store!!! It's only a little ways...heehee

#3. Meg - oh.....such pretty things...

#4. Cynthia - she is so fun to follow!

5. Ki - she is so inspiring and you HAVE to join the community - it will keep you crafting for years!!!

That is not all of them by any means...but it's a start! Have a great Sunday!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...

:-) robelyn
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