Friday, August 14

And We Have A Winner!

Happy Friday!!!

I want to Thank You ALL for coming to my tea party!!! It was so much fun to sit and chat with each of you - and to hear your stories!!! Welders (Jill, I have some things to bring over that you can practice using that on!!!) and Easy Bake Ovens (Karyn, (my soul sista') do you think you could teach me how to cook WITHOUT using fire extinguishers?) and Grandchildren (Marge - I think it's wonderful that you are such a young and hip Grandmother!)! Laughter and Memories (Maggie, hold your memories dear and you will certainly smile at the wonderful things!) and Tears and Hugs...It was Great! Sue (with her Sons and Sister that throw her Surprise parties - HOW FUN!) and Ann, Midge, Jo, Jan , Handmedowntreasures and Kim all came to visit (I'm moving into Kim's house under the guise of helping her remodel, but I really want to get into her junk piles and see what I find - she cooks mac & cheese...I'll convince her to add some pineapple upside-down cake to that menu), Linda came to visit (I'll host more parties for you AND your back to come visit (no ironing necessary))! Then from the Junk Revolution I had Greta stop by (now she sets one FIERCE tea party table...think she'll come help me with mine next time around?) and Rosie (We'll find a fairy God-Mother to waive her wand and get that pumpkin!) and Lisa - isn't that dress incredible (Happy Birthday to your dear Hubby!!!)? There are so so so many more at Timeless Vixen it was INCREDIBLY hard to decide which to choose!!! And Leveta - she's so much fun (You REALLY have to jump on Junk Revolution to see what she's CONSTANTLY up too...and she almost ALWAYS sends you into giggles!)!

Thank You ALL so much for coming to visit - let's DEFINITELY party together again SOON!!! But in the mean time...I filled the tea pot up with each of my guests names and my wonderful Son (who is STILL shaking his head and wondering what the heck a blog party is!) drew out...

How exciting!!! I love to send my bags to various places (Jill, uh...could I get your address please?!) LOL This "e.liz.a.beth" bag (Yep! It's named after Grammy and my niece both!) is made using fused plastic (I'm certain there is a junk store bag in the layers somewhere!) topped off with a silver bag from my favorite fabric haunt in Dallas, TX! The sides of Miss "e.liz.a.beth" are up cycled upholstery vinyl - the handles and up cycled belt! Add some sparkly beaded ribbon and a vintage shoe clip and Jill now has the perfect "tea party" bag! I know she's going to a good home!!!

Now, for one last story...

"I'm a little tea pot, short and stout
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout
Tip me over and pour me out!!!" (You know you're going to be singing that song in your head for the rest of the day...haha!)

This cherry red little tea pot was my Great-Grandmother's on my Dad's side! He loved it (and her!) so much that she willed it to him! He just grinned when he thought about it a couple of months ago - then looked totally shocked when he said "that thing is over 100 years old!"! I love it!!! Oh, the stories it could tell!!!

'til the next time!!! I hope you have a wonderful week-end - and THANK YOU for celebrating my August birthday's with me!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn

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