Monday, August 24

Spray Painting 101

…A class maybe I shouldn’t have skipped in order to find the perfect piece of furniture that needed a face-lift? I managed to make it to “dumpster diving 101”, I wouldn’t have missed “from trash to treasure 101”…so how did I get out of spray painting? Hmmmm… The crazy part is I am a spray paint DIVA! I love that stuff – NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is safe if it sits idle for long! I could possibly be on the quest to paint the world….red? purple? Apple Green? Sunshine yellow? Hot Pink or Blueberry Blue? I own them all and I am extremely trigger happy…

Here is what I have learnt m'self at the handles of a “freebie” dresser (don’t you just LOVE the furniture that others don’t?!!?)…


Choose a well-ventilated area for spray painting such as an open garage or a yard. Protect the surrounding area with newspaper or drop cloths as spray paint may over spray and stain the floor, walls or even your grass. Try putting a large open box on its side and setting the items for spray painting inside to prevent over spray.

Doesn’t EVERYONE have matte metallic grass? I could have sworn that wasn’t a locally grown commodity…

Put on protective eye wear to prevent paint from getting in your eyes.

Okay, I have donned my gorilla mask from last Halloween with my snoopy goggles…(not really, but you got a mental picture didn’t you…)

Wear old clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.

What? Me? A messy painter? I think that was directed towards the poor neighbor’s that could potentially get in my spray path…or the four legged furry creature that has to check things out and assist…

Cover glass and remove exposed hardware. In fact, consider replacing handles, knobs and pulls to give your piece a unique look.

Done. Did you see those? I (of course) saved them for future use on something else (maybe…) but they aren’t going back on my masterpiece! By my calculations the free chest deserves some gorgeous accessories!

To prepare the surface of the furniture you plan to spray paint, clean it with a rag and the appropriate cleaner. For shiny surfaces, lightly sand the furniture to obtain a surface that the paint can adhere to.

Okay, since I am a red.neck, there’s no sanding in my future! This is where I pulled out the can of liquid sand and went to town! That is the best stuff ever invented as far as I’m concerned! It takes the glossy finish right off and it’s perfect for a hot summers’ afternoon when even the thought of working a palm sander makes you shudder and want to jump in the closest lake! (however, that action is not recommended if you have an electric power sander in your hand…just a safety tip)

Before using a can of spray paint, shake the can well. Make sure to do a test spray on a scrap of wood or paper before you begin spraying your furniture.


Even Coats

Spray paint furniture with thin, even coats. Hold your spray paint can about a foot away from the furniture and make quick passes from side to side. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another coat. Follow the directions on the can for allotted dry time between coats. To prevent drips from ruining your project, never hold a spray paint can upside down or angled too far to the side. Also, keep the can moving as you paint to prevent too much paint from building up in one location.

Now. This is where I had to learn myself somethin’ new! I LOVE spray paint – however! This was my first piece of FURNITURE to hit with my paint can! I am used to short bursts – I can paint a candle holder or a pair of antlers faster than you can say “spray paint”! But, the short bursts leave spots of un-imaginable proportions on freebie dressers – THAT can’t be good! After staring in a silent, frown line between the eyes - slightly traumatized – kind of way at my masterpiece, I walked away and grabbed up a drawer…I tried the continuous spray from side-to-side. Nope, that didn’t work too well, so then I tried from top to bottom (running off of the piece entirely before releasing the nozzle) and it was the beginning of my “ah ha!” moment! (Don’t you love those moments – I have them often…and I like to say "ah ha!")

After a few hours of dry time – putting the new pulls on (shooing the furry assistant off for the thousandeth time) I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous “Sesame Shimmer” (GORGEOUS GORGEOUS metallic!!!) chest-of-drawers! It is going to be insanely BE-U-TI-FUL in my bedroom that is still a work-in-progress (no worries, I’ll keep you updated!)! I can’t wait to get it hauled in, the walls painted, the lighting changed, the bedspread made, the, the, the…AUGH! What am I doing on here? I should be re.decorating!!! What are you doing today? I have an extra paint roller….

So – Cliff Notes for Spray Painting 101:

1. Dis-assemble the piece of furniture you rescued from certain destruction

2. Unless you are into coloring your landscaping (as I seem to be) set the thankful-to-be-saved piece of furniture on either a tarp or a very large piece of cardboard

3. Shoo off the fat fuzz ball that thinks he needs to help

4. Liquid sand all of the surfaces so that your paint has a good foundation to adhere too (wear gloves – that stuff likes to sand off your skin as well!)

5. Pick your favorite paint (have you seen the “sesame shimmer”? *sigh*/*drool*

6. Don your painting attire and some safety goggles (there is permanent make-up, then there’s PERMANENT make-up)

7. Put your finger on the nozzle and get busy! (but remember – continuous spray about 10 – 12” away from your masterpiece – don’t let off of that gas pedal ‘til you are OFF of the appointed spray target!)

8. I suggest a couple of coats (remove the assistant once more before applying additional coats of paint)

9. If you are truly energetic and want to preserve your artwork a layer or two of clear finish is a great preservation tool

10. Remove the fuzzy assistant (check all four paws for paint)

11. Screw on your new hardware (SO many options – make sure and explore them all!!!)

And last but not least – place your new masterpiece center stage (removing the fat fuzzy assistant once more…)

Have you ever learned something new in the middle of a project? Do you have any more tips for me? I have a rocking chair that is just screaming for a new outfit…

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn

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