Friday, August 28

My kid walks sideways!

Central Texas is ALL about FRIDAY NIGHT can feel the excitement in the air when school starts up...the footballs start to quiver, the high school team shirts start popping up - the "who's going to go to State this year" whispers start, the magic markers and poster paper starts missing off the shelves - the stock in bullhorns skyrockets (please, let me grab my ear plugs first!!!) - the stadium seats and blankets suddenly become scarce - it is indeed a RUSH to get all things necessary to THOROUGHLY enjoy the yelling, screaming and cheering that is required on Friday nights - let the rivalries begin! The beat of the drums, the smell of the pickles (I love those come they only taste THAT good at football games?), the kids running back and forth (that translates into: running up and down those bright and shiny (slightly noisy) bleachers) - bright lights, a slight breeze (thank's really really hot in Central Texas) - that poor car that just got bingo markered, the fans and cheerleaders, the football players pounding each other on the back - yet helping the guy they just knocked over back up (love it!) - the band...

The High School Band. They might not be big in number, but they are big in spirit... they are the beat that goes on...the cadence that gets EVERYONE up on their feet and cheering, the fight song playin' gurus that have you yelling at the top of your lungs when they are finished with it - the kids that walk sideways...

I am the PROUD mother of a GORGEOUS 14 year old (oops, sorry...fixing to be 15 (this must be clarified at all times)) that has to bend over to give me a hug (how did that happen? Am I shrinking? Already?). We've got the rolling of the eyes goin', the slamming of doors...the "no way are you smarter than I am" thought process - the whole nine yards. AUGH! There are many grays mixed in with my orange hairs - and there is no driving...yet. With that, of course, comes the "no way can I walk across that room without tripping over my own two feet" syndrome (large feet...did they EVER fit in those cute little baby shoes? Am I delusional?). Did he get it from me? You betcha' (not the foot size necessarily, but the in-ability to move those feet in the same direction).

First I got to watch my 6' clown in action...he is an entertainer with his friends. Me? I can't get more than a few sentences and some smirks - the occasional smile - out of him! I watched the girls all bat their eyes at him, the other boys all roll their eyes at him...the band director shoot a glare in his direction. My heart just overflowed with pride! You know those everyday wonders - the rainbow on the horizon, the flowering weed in the middle of the asphalt...mine today was my child (he is EVERY DAY, but today even more so!). He stood up straight and tall. Not a smirk on his face, but a true, heart-felt grin when he saw me. No slumping of the shoulders (have I mentioned I owe the band director for the rest of time for this?). He marched forward - no miss-step, no tripping. He marched backwards - no miss-step, no tripping. Then the kid went sideways! And he didn't trip! I leaned forward to a complete stranger and said "that's my kid!"! She may never get anywhere close to me at the next game - but that's okay 'cause she knows who that trombone player belongs too! Whoo hoo!!! My kid walks SIDEWAYS!!!

I'm not even sure if we won...I will have to get back to you on that. LOLOL Please, don't tell anyone around here that I was so busy watching my baby that I didn't have a clue what was going on during the game...I might get kicked out of the bleachers next week - and this is way too fun for a red.neck girl to miss (plus, you gotta love those pickles!)!!!

I just had to share my wonder for today - my pride in my sideways walkin' trombone player...what was your wonder for today? Each day holds that moment...did you find it?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn

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