Tuesday, July 19

tarred and feathered...

How have you been?  I've missed you!!!  I'm in recovery mode from my cold... it's slow going but I'm gettin' there!

While suffocating on Kleenexes grounded I spent some time on my couch (which I DID paint turquoise... and I love it!!!) and it reminded me... have I told you about my down-filled couch?

A couple of months ago I was visiting Honey at her shop (honey's home+style). I walked in and Honey said, "you have to come see my new couch".

Ohmygosh - I kid you not - when I sat down on her new couch I thought, "good grief - she's going to have to get a crane and a police officer to get me off of this!!!" Just imagine your rear-end on the most fluffy softest clouds... that was her new couch. A BEAUTIFUL creamy neutral color... down filled. But, it wouldn't fit in the single-wide along with my Grandmother's couch...

Sew... I went home, cut up a matelasse bedspread then tried to figure out how to get it stuffed with feathers. Thought about plucking some chickens.

Instead, I grabbed up a down-filled duvet, stitched two straight seams side-by-side down the middle and cut it apart. Voila'!

But... how do I keep it attached to my 1950's foam cushions?


NOT ONLY did Honey inspire my new cushions... but also one of my throw pillows:

She had another something in her shop with flat welting - and I loved it almost as much as the couch!!! Sew, of course, the biggest pillow has flat welting. Then, the longhorn pillow is made out of a piece of cut velvet that Jill had sent me (Thank You Jill!!!)... and - because I'm a girl (and a red.neck) one pillow is silver sequins.

Don't judge - a girl needs her bling.

Now you know (but don't tell anyone) that I have feathers duct taped to my couch cushions. I'm just cool like that. And 'cause Honey inspires me... I need to go visit her again.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where if I had a DOUBLE-WIDE I could have Honey's new couch... hee-hee

P.S. I wrote about Honey here... have you been to see her yet? She'll let you sit on her new couch too!!!
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