Monday, October 17

*grin and giggle*

It takes sooooooooo little to make me grin and giggle.

But Max Steiner and his artistic awesomeness makes me *grin and giggle* in a goofy kind of way.

C'mon - how can I help myself when I have a little tiny cinder block hanging around my neck?!

Have you signed up for my giveaway? The big box o' fun will make YOU *grin and giggle*. Today is the last day! At midnight (Do you get visions of pumpkins and fairies and princes when you hear "midnight"?)!

I won't send you my cinder block necklace 'cause I'm selfish like that. BUT! I WILL send you an AWESOME necklace from Leslie the Retreauxgirl - a pocketbook - a dishtowel - an edison bulb - some "lip grease" (pucker up baby!) - some "SUDZ" (both laundry and hand soap) - some "red.neck Glam" (duct tape, pearls & sparklin' thangs... ALMOST as good as a tee-tiny cinder block!) a photo/recipe holder - AND! A mystery gift! You have at least nine chances to win (Look over there to the right - top of my sidebar... see all the chances?)!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm wondering if maybe I should have some tiny old beat up truck earrings (minus their tires) to wear with my cinder block necklace? hmmmmm......
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