Sunday, October 9

it's time to celebrate - part 8

Warrenton/Zapp Hall...

You can find tricia here
First, I can't believe I left you in the middle of a celebration/give-away! *doh*

I stole this picture from Sweet T here
But - in my defense - I was out buying and selling junk treasures...

You can find the Trash Talkin' Diva here
'cause that's what I do.

tricia is one of my FAVORITES - SO fun!!!
I collect junk treasures. And... I figure you'll forgive me if I offer up some junk a treasure in this post.

darla was here from California!
I'm not the only one that enjoys the fun junk treasures as you can see from all of the awesome vendors I am taunting you with from Zapp Hall! I'll get to namin' 'em soon - I promise - you will be jealous! I got to hang out with alllll the cool kids!

stole this one from Sweet T too...
Mama Debinator here

in the kitten house...
jimmy comes from Georgia with the COOLEST junk treasures!
All of this leads me to: "U-Turn":

It's what happens when you pass a garage sale while exceeding the speed limit. You screech your brakes, make a u-turn in a totally illegal way while leaving skid marks and/or gravel rainbows and laughing hysterically while dodging the law going back to the garage sale. No week-end road trip is complete without at LEAST 10 u-turns for garage sales, junk shops, thrift stores...

stole this from Sweet T... I was so busy harassing her I forgot to take pictures so she bailed me out!
and whatever else catches your eye (sometimes it might even be a dumpster). Junk Happens (Cat Daddy and Mama Debinator have that bumper sticker on their travelin' 40' "FULL of awesome junk" trailer - courtesy of the Junk Gypsies!)

The "U-Turn" that comes along with red.neck Chic is where I find something really fun - wash it off - and put it out at a show or in the Taj Mahal at the antique mall for YOU to discover how awesome it is! That simple (after you ignore the fact that I proll'y got a few tickets for pulling illegal U-Turns).

In honor of YOU - your patience - and the fact that we are STILL celebratin' with a giveaway - I picked up an AWESOME piece of junk treasure with YOUR name on it while wreaking havoc in the fields of Zapp!!!  I think it will remain a mystery...

But you will want to be sure and throw your name in the duct tape roll! Here's how:

I'm taking all comments from each "celebrate-late-with-me" post and ALL comments will be entered to win - you are going to get SEW many chances because your name goes in for each comment you leave!!!

Tell your friends about the fun over here (then tell me) and you get TWO chances to win per post that you share!

New follower? Thank You! Tell me and I'll welcome you as soon as I throw your name in the duct tape roll twice for the the post you taped yourself on to!

So far the BIG giant box has... a pocketbook, some SUDZ, some Glam, a piece of Retreauxgirl AWESOMEness, a Saddle Tramp shirt... and a partridge in a pear tree. Oops - I mean - some red.neck Lip Grease and a dishtowel from Thunderbird Linens... an Edison Bulb from "Lamp Lighter's Un.plugged" and a MYSTERY gift straight from Zapp Hall (after I "U-turned" for it...)! There's STILL more to come (more Warrenton - more giveaway)... stay tuned!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that looks like a tornado hit it because I unloaded my car in to my living room then decided I'd rather be sewing something than doing laundry... I've been cleaning and sewing all week-end, what have you been up to? hee-hee
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