Wednesday, January 2


First – Happy Happy New Year!!! I went to sleep on the 31st and time travels must of happened ‘cause I woke up and it was a NEW YEAR!!! Merry 2013!

In my HEAD I had this long in-depth blog post about my "WORD" for 2013. For DAYS I have been sure that I had my PERFECT "word".


My “word” was initially Journey. About how life is a journey... blah, blah, blah.

We all already know that, right? The ups and downs and all-arounds... how we think we’re going to be one place only to find we’ve been mis-placed but it’s ‘cause we’re in the place where we’re supposed to be...

Cassandra Wilson summed it up for me: “I know you’re supposed to set goals for yourself – and I do. But, I’m all into the journey. It’s fascinating to me. So if I make certain what I want moment to moment, I’m cool at the crossroads.”

I trust in my journey – as crazy as my journey may be – that everything happens for a reason... the lows are low because they are... the highs are high because they are... the “hmmm ho” days are just “hmmm ho” because they are... so journey is not really a good "word" for me because I operate on blind faith and trust in my journey and... my trust in my journey isn’t going to change in 2013.

THEN I thought: “fascination”. Now THAT is a good word for me! I am always so fascinated by big things – little thingsall things in between things...

One time I had a bumper sticker that said “easily fascinated – watch for brake lights” and that is SOOOOO true! A road trip always takes me longer because something (or many things) I see along the way fascinate me and I stop to check them out. Then I figure out that I got lost and my GPS is completely baffled.

People fascinate me. Objects fascinate me. EVERYTHING fascinates me. I’m easily entertained.

And I was fascinated when I did a search for a quote about journey and found one with fascinating in it! I thought about how my fascination with ALL THINGS isn’t going to improve this year over last year because my fascination with being fascinated is just who I am... so I guess that’s not a good word for me.

Which led me back to my mind’s question, “Robelyn, what is your word for 2013?”

Know what answer I have?


Yep – my "word" is word. I am going to make it a point in 2013 to say more words.

Written words, entertaining words, encouraging words, silly words, bigger words, happy words, informative words... I STINK at communicating (example: my SERIOUS lapse in blogging and Kristi – I promise – I WILL call you!), so I’m gonna work on my words. If the thoughts in my head need to be somewhere other than in my head – I will give my thoughts words and voice.

“All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind.” - Khalil Gibran

Of course – they will not be harmful words because that’s not the way I roll... “Death and Life are in the power of the tongueProverbs 18:21 (one of my favorite scriptures!!!) but, important words.

*** note: i did not say my words would be spelled correctly or even kinda close to grammatically correct. ***

Because my "word" for 2013 is WORD – doesn’t that mean that I can have a whole plethora of words as my word?

My options are endless!!! Scrabble in my brain - 24/7!

What’s YOUR word?

comin’ to you LIVE from a single-wide where I found the journey to find my "word" very fascinating (slightly exhausting)... and I'm even MORE fascinated that somehow or another I looped around and ended my journey back at word as my word. *big grin*

“If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d talk forever...” - unknown

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