Wednesday, January 23

towering piles of...

(I found this picture on a past post... I WISH WISH my laboratory still looked like this!!!! Instead? 3 years later - utter, complete, and total annihilation... I wonder who broke in and set off the hand grenade(sssss)?)

towering piles of future pocketbooks.

After the Junk Hippy Show in November I have been SERIOUSLY lacking pocketbook inspiration... or ANY inspiration!!! I have just stood in my sewing room (or sometimes not even stepping through the door!) totally lost with NOTHING jumping out and screaming, "make me! NOW!".

My sewing machine was on mute... wouldn't listen to me OR talk to me... my bobbins were gathering dust... my fabrics were growing their own spider webs...

truly tragic.

Then? I was re-painting my bathroom and the paint fumes must have stirred something 'cause I now have entered in to some weird pocketbook making mode. I'm putting bags together in my head WAY faster than I can make them happen with my fingertips! I have a toppling tower of, "to make next".

Pocketbooks - 24/7. I'm almost skeert to sleep for fear the mad desire to make great things goes MIA again!!!

This one is MINE now! LOL I liked it sew much I dumped all of my fun things I think I have to have on a daily basis right in to it!

I have my next "swa.ray" Friday night... I'm thinking there are going to be a lot of "never seen before" pocketbooks arriving for the par-tay...

Are you feeling inspired to make great things or is your creative space growing dust-bunnies?

now I'm off to repo some pearl-snaps...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I should proll'y move my piles and vacuum my dust bunnies so they don't feel compelled to grow some more... but that requires stepping away from my sewing machine and promptly tripping over my piles then landing nose first in more piles... pffffttt...


Would you like to host your own "Soiree"? Contact Jenn at Give Me Props... she'll hook you up and then I can come park my single-wide in your back yard! Yee HAW! xo


  1. Love your post! I don't create with fabric... but create in other ways. I've been known to loose lots of sleep when I was on a creative roll. :) Also interested in a Soiree.

  2. Take lots of pix of the bags for the soiree...would love to see them!

  3. I have no urge to create. Just to stop bye an see how you are doing

  4. I have gone through those slumps, they feel unnatural but sometimes they require a little extra "cow bell" to get me going again! I'm glad to see that you are officially out of yours, the new bags are fabulous! Have fun at your soiree! love,t.xoxoxoox

  5. That was quite the stash of fabric you had all organized and ready for your creativity to be applied. Nice!

  6. Wow those purses are awesome!! You are really talented!

  7. I like the one with the lace on it...better not come around here with yer good stuph in may leave with a walmart bag ;^)

  8. OMG I have missed you!!!!!!! Got a new computer and still need to learn how to blog on it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your new purses. Happy to see that you are being so creative. We are supposed to get a couple of feet, yes feet of snow this weekend so maybe I will attempt to learn my computer. Hugs to you and keep sniffin those creative fumes er.....crafting;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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