Thursday, July 16

Just some info...

The most beautiful Karyn over at French Charming awarded me with the “Honest Scrap” award! (If you haven’t gone to visit her, you must arrive over there as soon as possible!)

There are a few rules that go along with this award, and they are:

I need to copy the logo and place it on my blog *check*
Link it back to the person who gave it to me *check*
Pass it on to five fellow bloggers *check when i'm done...*
List 10 things about myself… *oh no!*

Drum roll please…

1. I have freckles. One freckle has taken up permanent residence RIGHT on the very tippy tip of my nose…I have tried lemon juice. I have tried duct tape. The freckle remains lodged on the tip of my nose. (Please share any and all freckle remedies you might be in posession of.)

2. My first OFFICIAL job was waving at the passing motorists at Wendy’s in Orlando, Florida. "Why?" you might ask? Put my hair up in pigtails and some red & white striped socks on my feet…you’ve got a dead ringer. Oh, and the freckle on the very tip of my nose.

3. Now no more Wendy’s (but I do still have sole possession of the freckle). I am a graphic designer by day – creator of wonderful (yet a lil’ funky) things by night! The light can be seen shining forth from the “labooooooratory” at some very odd times…

4. I love vintage bowling ball bags! Any color, any size…I’m not even particularly picky about their condition…I just find them fascinating! I have a shelf in my living room dedicated to the growing numbers...

5. I LOATHE bowling.

6. I do not remember how old I was when I learned to sew – what are the odds that I was born with a sewing machine in my hand? My foot pressed on the peddle? Thread all tangled up in my hair? Oh wait, I didn't have any hair. Hmmmmm....

7. My sewing machine is a 1950 somethin’ Montgomery Ward…I love that machine (and the one just like it that is in the shop!)!

(continuation of no. 7) And Karyn's Italian is looking for a pink and black sewing machine that I am going to have to go into stealth mode and jack from HER "laboooooooratory" when she gets it - then sneak it back to Texas. LOL

8. I counted 19 u-turns one week-end with my Grandparents (the previously mentioned WORKING sewing machine was my Grandmothers!) while traveling from Jasper, Texas to Crawford, Texas…each and every one for a garage sale… My son keeps count of ours, but I don’t think I’ve ever made it to 19. However, I still have a lot of garage salin’ left to do…

9. I could eat fresh cabbage all day long. Not cooked, but raw cabbage with a little bit of Italian dressing. All. Day. Long.

10. My biggest wish (besides for my sewing room fairy to come visit) is that all of my freckles will one day join forces and become a tan…including the one on the tip of my nose.

How was THAT for a whole lot of honest nonsense? LOL

Now - since I have listed out 10 things about ME - I'm awarding the "honest scrap" award to all of YOU! Really, the list is a lot longer than 5 fellow bloggers that I would LOVE to know about - so EVERYONE tell me 10 things about yourself! I'm all eyes and ears and looking forward to getting to know YOU even better!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn

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