Monday, July 20

Peaches, Peaches EVERYWHERE!!!

I’ll be honest with you…I’m a lil’ bit “peached” out after last week-end! LOL

As you know I was at the Parker County Peach Festival in Weatherford, Texas and it was HOT HOT HOT!!! No, it was a… broiling, burning, fiery, piping hot, red-hot, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, sultry, superheated, sweltering, torrid, blazing, glowing, molten, sizzling, heated, overheated, reheated ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES. Just a tad on the warm side…

BUT! The show was fantastic (would have been more so had I had a bathtub filled with ice cubes – but I left the tub in my front yard…), TONS of festival goers and my fellow vendors were a blast to talk to! I also got to meet (for the second time!) Amy and Teresa at Next Door to Heaven and take a tour through their GORGEOUS store!!! It was right around the corner from where I was set up! *sigh/drool*

I could easily have come home with half of their furniture… and did I mention that they had air conditioner? air... (It was hot outside...)

I had a few purses, tater mashers (dba recipe holders), photo frame (with my dear photographers’ photos in it!), chalkboards and bulletin boards, birdhouses (with chandeliers in ‘em of course!), and a few other goodies all find good homes!

Finding a home for the “red.neck” treasures is ALWAYS worth braving the scorching, burn your duct tape off, extreme heat, scorching temperature and fried freckles for! Here’s what our “general store” looked like early that morning!

All in all - a success!

My recipe for a successful show:
  1. Sell some goodies!
  2. Meet some new fun and interesting people!
  3. Discover the water misting tent sponsored by Home Depot!
  4. Sell some more goodies!
  5. Eat a greasy, sugary and OH SO DELICIOUS funnel cake!
  6. Come up with a quick and easy explanation as to why my antler lamp is turquoise (that is an often asked question...)
  7. Drink some peach lemonade!
  8. Stand in the water misting tent 50 million times!
  9. Sell a few MORE goodies!
  10. Get a good sunburn (I was on my quest to get my freckles all partnered up to create a tan...)!
  11. Go stand in the water misting tent another 50 million times!
  12. Spend the day with loved ones!
  13. Load what's left up and crash (after checking to see if the water misting tent was a "giveaway"...alas, it was not to be so.) Darn.
  14. Hi-jack the water misting tent...

And so now I prepare for the next one! I am a lucky red.neck and have been accepted as a vendor at the Peddler Shows! YES! Now, which ones should I aim for? They have 23 different shows!!! Have duct tape - will travel!

Have a wonderful week and stay cool! (I highly recommend the use of a water misting tent...)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn
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