Monday, July 13

Sewing Room Fairy, Oh Where Art Thou... you all know, I spent the last few weeks doing the whole "mad red.neck dash" getting ready for my show in Weatherford! It was HOT (no, not just HOT), it was SWELTERING, BLISTER YOUR DUCT TAPE, hot - but HUGE fun!!! I will share pictures soon!!! In the meantime...
This is what I left behind (I am SEW embarrassed to share this picture!!! - and it is only ONE QUARTER of my "laboooooratory"!) but I am hoping you can tell me what happened to my sewing room fairy!

Isn't there an organization, clean-me-up, rescue the poor red.neck fairy flitting around waiting to wave her wand? Wiggle her nose? Grant me 3 wishes? Wasn't she supposed to arrive the minute I wandered down the road with my trailer full of goodies in tow? Do you think she got stuck in my roll of duct tape? Stinkin' duct tape...

Here is what I HOPED to come home to...

Well....a girl can dream while she's digging through piles trying to figure out where she is going to put everything, right? RIGHT? Oh help!!!
How do you store your fabric, sparkley things, trims, chalk boards, tater mashers, croquet mallets, lamp parts and various other assortment of oddball-but-has-potential junk? Could you please tell me why my sewing room fairy failed me this time? Or, better yet, which roll of duct tape she is adhered too so that I can save her?

I am just going to walk around saying "My sewing room was clean last sorry you missed it!!!" Think that will work? No? Darn.

Well, I'm off, really large trash bags and magic storage boxes in hand...'til the next time!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn
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