Monday, July 6

Rain, Rain - Stay Another Day!!!

Threw out my old raincoat, Set sail without a boat
For places somewhere far beyond my dreams
As the sky came pourin' down, I laid down on the ground
Like I was dreamin'
I let the feelin' wash all over me
Rain, rain love (come down, all around me)
Rain, rain love (so glad ya finally found me)

"Rain Love" - Al Denson

You guessed it! The sunny skies of Central Texas FINALLY clouded over with some good ole clouds and much (much MUCH needed) rain! I have never been so excited to jump around in the mud (my neighbors think I'm crazy...they could be right!)!

And, since I am getting ready for a show this coming week-end, I was SEW HAPPY to have a reason to be locked up in my labooooooooratory (aka: sewing room!)!!! I was looking for some inspiration...this is what I found!

Why can't it rain down crystal drops like this? heehee They could just fall right around my neck...

I did not grab one of these this morning (so glad you can't see my bad hair...) maybe next time I should?

Or it could rain a few pair of these down on me... water drops on my earlobes would be fine with me!

Who says "rainy days and Mondays always get me down..."?

Well - I'm off to make great things! I'll keep you updated on that! 'Til then - don't forget your umbrella and BRING ON THE RAIN!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee

:-) robelyn

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