Thursday, October 15

Just Taking a Moment...

Today I want to wave my hat in appreciation of all the little things – all of the random acts of kindness that I have encountered through-out my Thursday – every little thing that sometimes goes unnoticed and unacknowledged!  I love LOVE the little things… I think they all just add up to make my little part of the world a much happier (and A LOT more fun) place!
Here’s my list of little things for today…
I had a GORGEOUS sunrise this morning.  It rose up out of the mist and slight fog and winked at me as I started out my day – all courtesy of the man upstairs that keeps me out of trouble. (Well…that wasn’t a little thing since it lit up the world, but – I’m going to count it anyway.)
I got cuddles from the fat black fuzz-ball that jumped in my lap to wish me a good morning!
I saw a little bird flitting around my butterfly bush (that is in FULL bloom thanks to all of the rain – talk about smelling good!) And was REALLY thankful that Fatty the cuddly kitty was contained in my lap!
My sons beautiful face - he just looks so PEACEFUL when he’s sleeping!
A happy phone call starting with “GOOD MORNING!” and ending with “Have a Good Day!” and the knowledge that at the end of the day I’m going to get a call that starts with “How was your day?”!
The little marshmallows in my Lucky Charms…I love lucky charms.  They are magically delicious!!! And I find it extremely entertaining to chase the marshmallows around in the milk after eating the “good for you” part of the cereal (yes, I am extremely low maintenance…) Tell me, do you save your marshmallows 'til the very end?  It's almost like a dessert for breakfast!!!
A smile from a complete stranger at the gas pump (makes paying that gas pump SO much easier on the red.neck psyche)
Having the door held for me (who said chivalry was dead?) and another smile from a complete stranger inside the convenience store!
The rattle of junk that I really need to take out of the duct tape mobile… I totally  appreciate the rattle of a few birdcages and some books and some candle holders and some plates and a chair and some dishes and a killer pair of black patent ruffly heels (for the upscale trash heaps I dive into)…. All treasures to play with!
A chat and some laughs with a stranger at the junk mobile’s oil changin’ spot (I love the sound of people laughing – no matter what’s going on in their world, just for that moment they have cast aside their woes).
Yet another stranger handing me a discount coupon for my oil change just because she had an extra one!  Thank You kind lady…my junkin’ budget REALLY thanks you for that…WHOO HOO I have some extra pennies for the next garage sale!
Coffee ready and waiting when I got to work (Just another reason I love my job!)!  Do you drink cream or sugar or both in your coffee?
The “I’m happy to see you” smile from my partner in crime in sign land (even though she probably wants to smack me most mornings for bouncing in with a sparkle in my eye and rarin' to go)!
The random ”please” and  “thank you” that I get from various people…customers, friends – strangers.  Good manners:  The noise you don't make when you're eating soup.  ~Bennett Cerf
There is the prettiest WEED with extremely frilly leaves growing through the asphalt!  I love it and watch its growth each day! (I personally have a black thumb; therefore the growth of a weed through asphalt is a miracle to me…)

A HUGE HUGE HUGE “I am so happy to see you” hug - accompanied by oatmeal raisins cookies…can’t beat that now can you? I won't admit to how many of those I have polished off today.
My Mother's emails…she sends great ideas and some silly stuff – all guaranteed to make me smile while the wheels are turning in my creative mind. THEN – after she pulls up behind me and scares the daylights out of me (I was jamming in the parking lot with my ear phones on… she has no appreciation for the fact I was dancin’ around to some good old Beatles re-mixes! Geesh…) and hands me a bag of cool aluminum dishes!  Hmmmm….what should I make with them?

All of the wonderful comments that you leave for me on my blog – I read them all with a grin and thank you for taking the time to leave them for me!!!  All of you just help to make my little things BIG things!
I watched a couple of squirrels playing on the power lines behind the shop – I had more fun watching them play then I think they did playing!  I like it when they yell at each other – very entertaining!
The black birds sitting oh-so-quietly on the power lines stretching across the busiest road in Central Texas…amazing isn’t it?  And how do they manage to sit up there?  I can’t even sit in a chair without falling out of it!
Now there is the most amazing sky filling my line of vision…a front is blowing in and there is the perfect line between light/bright blue and dark grey…a beautiful silver lining separating the two.
It sounds like I’ve had a great day, right?  No…not at all - I just find my happy place in the little things!

Have you taken pleasure in the little things today?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn

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