Thursday, October 22

Now I'm all locked up...


And the answer is... they are going to permanently reside in my under construction bedroom!!!  (If anyone ever goes missing do you think there will be a locker search?)  Why the bedroom you ask?  Well...the rest of every nook and cranny in all other rooms (and storage buildings and girl cave and barn and...) is currently leased out and the bedroom is the only available real-estate.

I'm sew excited - not only did I get some lockers (again - I have been on the prowl for a while!) but I now have the perfect place to store all of the fabric samples that I love and adore - and seem to be unhealthily addicted too...

And yes - it will take three full size lockers to contain my addiction.


Better than that?  Well...they are the perfect shade of cream (with some rust - a red.neck can't have NEW looking lockers!!!) so they will match my new wall color choices PURRRRRRRRRRFECTLY!

The whole rest of my house looks like a crayon box exploded (in a truly fun and welcoming way!) so I'm trying the neutrals in my a black wall considered neutral?  Hmmm...
I promise - I'm diligently studyin' up (that means I have my nose buried either on the internet or in a how-to book!) on how to take pictures INSIDE my house so I can start sharing the fun!!!  Any tips for me? I'll take them!!!

For now though I'm going off with paint brush in hand - I have an extra one JUST for you!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn

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