Wednesday, February 24


Yep - you read that right! It snowed in Central Texas... and I got to play in it!!! Whooooo Hooooo!!! AND! Since all ya'll people were so kind to share your pictures with me (and make me wish I was leavin' my boot prints in your snow) I'll share MINE with YOU! heehee

This is one of my fav.o.rite neighbors... she was grocery shoppin'.

It seems that she didn't like people watchin' her shopping exhibition so...

I went to dog-watchin' instead!  This is just two of the monsters that eat too much.  The blond one - he just wants hugs, kisses and cuddles.  The black one?  He's a baby - he just wants to play and play and play.  The third one... he's ornery (and my favorite!), but smart.  Therefore, he's in the barn under a few blankets in his dog house that sits inside of the barn - totally protected from the elements (and crazy girls with cameras).  LOL

This is as far as the fattest cat in the whole world got.  He put his left foot out... then I didn't know he could move his blubbery self back inside that fast. He was later spotted holed up on my bed under 2 blankets and a pillow.

Since the schools let out early and businesses closed early (yeah - I bailed at lunch time!!!) I pretended I was on a mini-staycation and got bizzzzzzy in the laboratory!  I made some purses, made some MORE purses and finalized a new pattern!  Meet "Merry Poppin' "!

She's big (12.5" x 17") - she's feisty - and she can hold some junk - just pop it in and go!!! And she likes to play in the snow.  HA!

I made some snow angels - I left my footprints - I had some fun!  AND!  I can throw a mean snowball... heehee  I'll show you next time it snows in Waco... could be next week, could be next year... could be 20 years from now!  The weather in Texas is as crazy as your favorite red.neck...

Happy Wednesday!!!
Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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