Thursday, February 11

You See I See

Trash Bags!  You know... grocery store bags - hefty sacks - craft store bags... everybody's got 'em! If you are like me, toooooooooo many of them!!!  I even have a bag to hold my bags!  I know, that makes no sense, but it's the way it is.

Sooooooo many things to do with them...

Keep your coffee warm.

Wear a pretty happy daisy!

Watch the butterflies...

or how about make a rug out of them?
(they are also great kitty litter disposal systems... but we won't discuss that...)

Fun stuff right?  Well - I decided to make a purse.  A garbahhhhhhge bag.  Better than that?  Remember when the trash talkin' DIVA Debbie herself gave me a sparklin' brooch to "mimic the sparkle she puts in my eye"?  It came attached to

 a pillow!
Sew -  I decided to mix it all up...

and I ended up with some...

What a perfect combo, right?  Some fused trash bags and vintage-y fabric... with a sparklin' thing! (Every time I make a garbahhhhhhge bag now I giggle and think of Debbie. hee HA!) What should I name her?  "The Trash Diva"? "Talkin' Trash"?  I'm all ears and she really needs a name (not Debbie, the purse)...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
And Thank You Debbie - I hope you like her!!!
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