Friday, February 26

I'm all tied up.

In a box of ties! I have a blast with ties! I know, I'm weird like that. BUT! In my defense - they make GREAT and FUN stuff!!! I found my big box of ties last night while digging around the laboratory for some fabric I just KNOW I have..... somewhere.... still haven't found it. Sew today I've been looking for some inspiration!!! If you don't have to wear 'em - here are some fun things to make with 'em!!!

Skirts and Dresses (I would wear this... if you go to her store and it's sold...)

Throw Pillows

Bracelets (uh huh - is this not tooooooooooo cool?)

A Pennant Banner (yep Jill, this is for you...)
Did ya'll know that Jill is having a FIELD day making the cutest ever banners?  AND - if I recall correctly - the girl has an INSANE pile of the coolest lookin' ties - go look! I'll wait...

Are you back yet? Okay - I also found...

A clutch!

No worries if you have to actually WEAR a tie...
I can whip you up one in a Jiffy!!!

Ah... the ideas are just bouncin' around in my brain... I need to tie them down!!!  What do YOU do with ties?  Wear 'em or make somethin' out of 'em?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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