Monday, February 22


What would YOU do?  As much as I would love a road trip right now I am fairly certain I need a STAYCATION!!! I NEED to be on lock down in the single-wide!  I hit some estate sales over the weekend and hauled everything into the house... where it still sits... I made some purses over the weekend and hauled them all into the house... where they all sit.... the single-wide is in danger of toppling from the loads of laundry.... chances are it will have a growth spurt once I actually CLEAN the single-wide... I still need to make more purses...

Is that considered a STAYCATION? hmmmm....

Where should I go on my road trip?  Seems like a wiser choice.
Happy Monday!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a danger zone single-wide...heehee
;-)  Robelyn
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