Friday, March 11

road trip.

The combination of Spring Break for the resident teen and working with old, coffee stained road maps has me taking a slight detour down memory lane...

Every year the red.neck brothers and I used to spend spring break at my Grandparent's house.  Just about every day of spring break we would all pile in to the Grammy and Grampy mobile and go find some fun... sometimes the grocery store (with a few u-turns on the way for garage sales)...

sometimes the fishin' hole (with a few u-turns along the way for garage sales)... sometimes just to check out the 'hood (you know... for garage sales and stuff.)

We NEVER got in the car without two things.  A coffee pot (I really wonder how many of these pump pots she went through over the years...) and a cookie tin.  I think that they liked to SAY the cookie tin was for our benefit... but Grampy was the cookie monster.

Grampy: "Old woman, I need a shot of coffee"

Grammy: "Here you go Old Goat"

Grampy: "Old woman, what's in the tin?"

Grammy: "Nothing for you Old Goat" (as she hands him a cookie...)

I think the only way Grampy would have owned a GPS is if it had the "garage sale here" app...

Wanna take a road trip?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... or maybe the fishin' hole... one never knows (but you betcha' I've got my shot of coffee)... hee-hee
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