Monday, March 14

Sweet MALisa...

I absolutely adore my MALisa... I know you already know that... but I thought you might need to know that again.

Remember when I first met her?  (here)

And in the Fall when I got to hang out with she and Lurch and Ronda? (here)

Guess who I get to duct tape again next week?!?!
Yep - she's gonna be there - photo booth and ALL!!!
You can't miss her - she's crazy.

Oh, I mean...
You can't miss her - she will be right outside of the Junk Gypsy tent at Zapp Hall (and she's crazy.)!

When you see MALisa... chances are you'll see me too 'cause I like to share my duct tape with her.  (And she's crazy FUN!) hee-hee

Because you can't think "MALisa" without singing this:

Happy Monday!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm still duct taped to my sewing machine - so MALisa made my invitations!!!) I'm so spoilt rotten...
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