Thursday, March 17


The problem with creating my version of greatness...

whether it be sewing it, designing it, gluing it, painting it (I've even stealthily run off with things from "the mama" in the past couple of weeks for my creative use)...

is that I made it happen 'cause I like the thought of it.

It's possible that the duct tape tent at Zapp will be minus the 3' candy apple red frame and the pocketbook collection will be minus the newest member.

Because, of course, in the midst of everything that is getting painted, glued, stitched up... walked-off with - I had to design a new purse pattern.  (geesh... the things that happen when sleep does not.) "Mary.Jane" is the 3rd addition to the vintage inspired day bag collection!  The mother-in-law, the Queen B... the Grand Poobahette to "Ev.e.lyn", and best friends with "Lu.cille"!

Do you ever want to keep EVERYTHING that you make happen?  I always do...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where yesterday I had candy apple red paint in my orange hair... I was pretendin' to be Rainbow BRIGHT.) hee-hee
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