Friday, September 14


Connie - aka: "Mama Button" - had posted this poster on my Facebook wall...

Sew of course, I had to post this poster on my living room wall.

Connie TOTALLY gets me!!! You should hear me talking to the sewing machine doctor... I swear - I HAVE called it the "wheel of numbers" before... and I HAVE used the word: "bobbinator"... and I HAVE said, "the uppydowny thing"...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that is parked at an Estate Sale today!!! I'm going to harass Pam and Shauna with "Those Three Sisters" Estate Sale Services! Not only am I going to harass them - I'm going to dog their foot-steps all. day. long. If you're in the 'hood - you should join me!!! Here's their website... here's their Facebook page! I may, or may not, save you some of the good stuff.... hee-hee
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