Sunday, September 16

call me Linus.

Yesterday, on a Saturday, I was a COMPLETE embarrassment to junker's 'round the world. *hangs head in shame*
I sat and watched movies... all. day. long.
Not one tag sale/garage sale/estate sale/flea market/junk store/thrift store... *re-hanging head in shame*

I assumed the "I am being ambitious by finding the remote control" position on my couch under my new-to-me afghan (we won't count how many of these afghans I have... I find them so "Granny Chic"!!!) that I got on FRIDAY while dogging Pam and Shauna w/Three Sisters Estate Sale Services footsteps. THAT was incredibly fun!!! It was my first time to "work" an Estate Sale (I got to help them by being the "holding" department... I'm not very organized... we will leave it at that...) and I'm ready to "work" with them again! It's hard to call it "work" when I enjoyed it so much!

Before my own personal movie marathon I sat down with this magazine:

I picked it up about a week ago but have been saving it for just the right quiet moment to open it and savor Debra's 300-year-old barn house that was featured in it!

I ADORE Debra at Capers of the Vintage Vixens. Always have - always will. I feel like I was visiting her by looking through her home via the magazine article!

I made a small list of things I'm going to try to sweet-talk her out of. Like... the aqua metal stools. And... lots of other things... maybe the list isn't so small...

One of my "GO THERE ASAP" goals is to raid Debra's house - ask her if she will come paint my floors red and white - and then go lurk and loiter in her new store, Maison St. Germain. All of this I will do. ASAP.  Connecticut... here I come.

Another thing I did during my movie marathon was feel the desire to cook.

Yes, I watched "Julie & Julia" for the first time... yes, I wanted to try cooking... yes, I lost that desire pretty quick. I REALLY don't think I could handle live lobsters in a pot, or a calf's leg...

or an oven for that matter. And WHAT are all of those pots and pans for?! I would be like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" with all of the different forks at the dinner table if faced with a wall of pots and pans! (oh yeah... I watched "Pretty Woman" too.)

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where today I am in awe of:

  • Those of you who have mad crocheting skillz (AND patience!) and are able to create artistic greatness for me to carry around like I'm Linus.
  • Debra aka: Capers of the Vintage Vixen, who has mad decorating and creative skillz and is an amazing Wife, Mother, Artist, Internet Friend and Business Woman.
  • Those of you who can cook. And have pots and pans... and cookbooks... and know how to use all of those things.

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