Friday, September 28

know what time it is?

It's time for me to pack myself up with a week's worth of clothes, some cowgirly boots, a pair of work gloves, a kitty cat leash, a stage and a big 'ol red.neck grin.


'Cause I'm Marburger Farm bound!!!

I have chosen not to set up "red.neckville" at Zapp Hall this year since "red.neckville" is spread all across the Universe via my Etsy shop, and reined in (as much as "reining me in" is possible) at The Hillsboro Antique Mall! Those two things - plus a few additional fun adventures to keep me on my toes - all add up to me having more than a full-time job of sewin', junkin' and thinking up new and great red.neck fun! YAY!


I am going to keep that pesky kitty Cat Daddy on a leash...

and make sure that Mama Debinator (aka: Talking Trash) gets center stage! (I think I've also volunteered to be her campaign manager since she's running for Prezdent and all!)

While I'm willingly schleppin' along side Mama Debinator and kitty Cat Daddy I will ALSO be harassin' Sweet T (aka: Theresa, Garden Antiques Vintage) who is debuting at Marburger - along with her blog party!  Good grief, do you think Marburger knows what they have gotten themselves in to by having kitty Cat Daddy and Cruz (aka: Mr Sweet T) in the same field? For that matter... have you SEEN Mama Debinator and Sweet T together?

Talk about double-trouble... *shakes head*

At Marburger (when no-one is looking) I will be sticking my duct tape to TOT (aka: Time Worn Interiors), Shelley (aka: Sweet Pea Home) and the most awesome Janet (aka: Talk Sweet Talk)... annnnnnnd anyone else I may run across in that pasture.

I will ALSO be mosey'n down the road to Zapp Hall every chance I get! You'll know me because I will be wreaking COMPLETE havoc everywhere in that cow pasture!!! Richard (aka: Alston's Antiques) was loadin' up an extra chair for me so I could hang out with him and visit the OTHER Richard, Patsy and Bill... then there's THE Carolyn Westbrook (I'm ALL about stalking Carolyn... luckily she rolls her eyes at me and lets me give her grief...) and Sarah (aka: Sarah Smith Salvage Style) and Cheryl and the gang at Royers, and MALissa (aka: Pent Up Photos) and the always beautiful Tricia (aka: Vintage Bliss) and - of course - Amie and Jolie (aka: The Junk Gypsies!) Annnnnnnnd... a whole bunch of other fun people - with some fun JUNK  in between!

I'm worn out just thinking about it all... but I still have to pack!!! Let's see... my cowgirly boots, a truck-load of sparkles, clothes, a pocketbook, my camera, my battery charger, my kitty Cat Daddy leash...

Will I see you there?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where here is a lil' TMInformation and/or FYInformation. Not ONE SINGLE PAIR of my socks match (stupid sock monster that lives in the dryer) - so I'm taking them all. It will be a guess as to what two colors (or patterns... I have some tractors, happy daisies, argyle and some Strawberry Shortcake) I will be wearing each day. See?  TOTAL FUN!!! On your way yet?
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