Monday, March 1

I've come untied...

Happy March!!! Can you believe it's here already?!!?  I have been so Tied Up getting ready for my upcoming shows that I am not really sure where February went!!!  I could have been out in my laboratory the whole month... sew possible. I still haven't found the fabric I'm lookin' for - I KNOW I have it in there somewhere! In the meantime - I did get busy with the box of ties!!!  I had to... I'm sick of tripping over it.  Ha!  I think I'm going to tie up a professional organizer until he/she tells me how to remedy my messy sewing room situation!!!

I could give the organizational guru a gift... all tied up!  Cute, right?  Have you ever been getting a gift ready and you can't find the PERFECT ribbon?  Look no further than the tie rack!

 And... the gift could be a tie scarf!  Statement necklaces and skinny scarves are in style this spring...

why not combine the two trends by blingin' up a tie, wrapping it once and throwing it on with a tank top and spring skirt?  I love burnin' the flowers... heehee (I'm not sure where the silver chain came from... it was on there and I left it.  LOL)

Or... tie up loose ends while carrying around a CUTE handbag!  (This is what happens when you piece together some ties, some suede and a crazy lookin' corduroy jacket!!!)

Sew, in celebration of the new month I tied up some loose ends and buttoned up the month of February!!!  I'm not the only one that is excited about March... you need to go attend the celebration over at Common Ground!  Debra has a FULL month lined up and she is in full celebrating mode!!! I guess she can't come help me organize my mess... are you up for the job?  I'm accepting applications.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  robelyn
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