Wednesday, January 19

Get in - Buckle up.

When I was a little roll of duct tape "the Mama" had a station wagon.  A very large - odd color of goldy/brown (think... bad diaper day) station wagon. (Verrrry large.)

We never really fought over who would sit in the front seat - it was more of an arm wrestling match (with a few kicks and elbow jabs) to see who could sit in the BACK seat.  You know the one... the BIG back seat that faces out the BIG back window 'cause it was a VERY BIG station wagon.

Well, one time the older red.neck brother o'mine and I were waiting for my Mom who had run in to an electronics parts store (it was right off of a fairly busy city street...)

Me: "I think you should drive."

Him: "I can't - I'm only 8 (or 9)"

Me: "So?  I dare you to back us out of here."

Him: "No - Mom will kill me."

Me: (and these are ALWAYS the fatal words) "I double-dog-dare you"

Who knew "the Mama" could run that fast when her boat got launched out in to the middle of a fairly (okay- really) busy street?  Poor older red.neck brother... I think I heard "the Mama" yelling things like: "she didn't do it - I SAW YOU!" and "she's sitting WAAAAAAAAAY back there - you're sitting in the driver's seat!"...

Later on the man that owned that parts store became my step-dad... he too can move pretty fast when boat launching happens in front of his store.  I think it's 'cause we were so much fun he couldn't live without us anymore.  He's just smart like that.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where when I was a baby baby (this is all hearsay over the past centuries) the older red.neck brother was found in the DFW airport at the flight desk of Delta airlines inquiring about a one-way ticket to China... seems his little sister was absolutely chomping on her teething ring to get there... *pffffft*) hee-hee

P.S. I like the photo styling in the newest Anthropologie catalog. AND! I picked a name for the "mar.go"... stay tuned! And drive safely.
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