Monday, January 17

Stylishly Breathtaking...

Pssssstttt...  Christine thinks I'm stylish - and Kori thinks I'm breathtaking!!!  I'm blushing fer sure!!!  And sooo honored!!!  Thank You to BOTH of you!

Christine's award required that I tell you 7 things about myself.  Well, that's a tough one for me because I'm not a "volunteer" of information... usually you have to ask me something specific - then I'm happy enough to answer!  THAT is where I got lucky that Kori finds me "breathtaking" (I like that word, don't you like that word?  I like that word.) 'cause she gave me 7 specific questions!!! Here goes:

1. What inspires you?

This question is HARD to answer - and it's the first one!!!  Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) inspires me.  The lines of something/anything.  The color of something/anything. YOUR blog and/or your comments on my blog!!!  A word - a phrase - a sound - a smell - a song - silence - a touch - a taste... it takes very very little to get me going off in some other direction - a new idea in my head.  Very very very little...
"Creativity contributes to our sense of aliveness and our playfulness."

2.  What is your favorite season and why?

Late Fall/early Winter.  When the mornings are 30 degrees and the afternoons are 60 degrees.  It's fantastic - I feel so renewed and energetic!

3.  What are you most looking forward to this year?

I'm looking forward to each day of this year. Each sunrise. Each day holds something new.  I learn something new or I feel something new or I think something new or I make something new or I meet someone new.

4.  If you could write a book about anything, what would you write about?

I seem to have a thing for water meters/man-hole covers/gas line cover thingys... I don't know why. But I think it would be great fun to travel the world (and Route 66) taking pictures of those and doing a coffee table book.  Title it - "red.neck - Under Cover" or something like that...
you would buy that, right? *snicker*

5.  What is your greatest passion?

hmmm..... Life. "The resident-teen." (Life maybe 'cuz "the Resident Teen" hasn't killed us yet while driving...) Love. Family and Friends. Creating. I live my passion.

6.  If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be and why?

I wouldn't be normal if I said, "there isn't somewhere else I would like to be living" ('cause there is) or "something else I would rather be doing" ('cause there is.)... but for now I'm practicing patience. Oh. And I would like to loose about 100 pounds (and loose the freckle on the end of my nose)... but uhmmm.... this reese's is REALLY good.

With age has come the knowledge that change just naturally happens.  2010 was an interesting year.  Yet for the most part, I didn't realize ALL of the shifts and alterations that I had experienced until I did a mental check at the beginning of 2011.  I woke up about 2am on the 1st - snuggled quiet happily under the covers and did a mental review... hyperventilated through some of it - cried through some of it - giggled quietly through some of it... was skeert of some of it - was SHOCKED by some of it (my thoughts could be heard saying, "WHOA!  When did that happen?!") It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm actively trying to change my world - or whether I wake up to my world having changed all by its big ol' self... each day produces a change of some sort.  And most days I don't notice - and some days I do notice and do a little bit (or a whole lot) of "freaking out" or "high-five'n" the Universe... but then I just re-adjust and know tomorrow is a new day - and it's all just part of a grand plan. A grand plan for me - my life. My heart. My soul.  Today and every day, I'm working on me. Not anything in particular - not any circumstance in particular - just me.

I'll sketch my world as a prettier place
draw my self with a smiley face
and make this picture perfect...I'll start with where I'm standing now
and begin shaping where I want to be
no one can tear my picture down
because it's me
and as long as I'm still proud of this self portrait I'm creating
I'm doing fine
and what I'm sketching doesn't have to be anything fancy
no, I'm just shaping stronger sides of me

Life - and we as the fortunate souls that get to live it, breathe it... take it in and make it our own - is always changing. It wouldn't be HALF as much fun if it wasn't!!!

7.  Lastly, what is your favorite novel?

yikes!!!  Which one ISN'T my favorite?!  I'm a bookworm!!!  But - there are 4 (well, 5 if you count my scratch pad 'cause sometimes I'm inspired by my sleep.) constants right beside my bed.
Ice Castles - the ultimate 1970somethin' romance! (uh huh, I see your eyes rolling...)
The Promise by Danielle Steele
Small Business for Dummies (I saw that - quit laughing at me!!!)
...and - a biography, a thriller (with some romance and some mystery thrown in) a sci-fi and a self-help - elements of humor and crazy adventure - great travels and suspense... ALL in one book. My Bible.

There you have it.  Thank You again to Christine and Kori! I won't tell you how many days it took me to come up with my answers... again - I totally stink at "volunteering" info.  If you haven't been to visit these two lovely ladies - you should go immediately!  Fun - Fun - FUN! Take 'em and run - because YOU deserve them both as well...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where even though I'm breathtaking I have to start breathing again 'cause I'm turning blue and that's not very stylish...) hee-hee
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