Wednesday, January 26

i fought the law...

I've been locked up workin' on some Saddle Tramp shirts and other fun stuff...

and some of them are just totally off the cuff (literally) I took the cuffs and made some bracelets!

(yes indeedy - that is a faucet handle thingy...)

Cool, huh?

 Tell me which one you like (out of the four convicts)...

(this is my favorite... vroom, vroom)

and I'll have a drawing at the Tailgate party "The Mindy" is hostessin' (to watch the hockey game between Ol' Miss and the Miami Dolphins)

 and we'll see if YOU fought the law... and won (yes, you get cuff'd if you're the winner... 'cause I'm a red.neck and that's how I roll my cuffs up.)!  How's that? (deadline for writin' your name on the "wanted" poster at the post office is midnight: Friday, February 4th.)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I fought the law - the law won - and I have a jail story (I know - that totally surprises you, right?) I'll go into story tellin' mode when I announce the winner Monday, February 7th... have you ever been to jail?  Curious minds...) hee-hee
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