Wednesday, January 12

to top it off...

I have a quilt top.

It's been sitting around for a few months (I had decided to perhaps... make a skirt out of it?).

When I remembered I had an ottoman in need of some TLC.

Sew... Insanely large quilt top + really cool ottoman = funky she.k as only a red.neck can get 'er dun.

This is one of the things I drug in to the Taj Mahal Sunday (after the slurpee of course...).  I am currently on a quest to see just how many thingys I can make out of the REST of the quilt top 'cause I didn't even make a teeny tiny DENT in it!!!

The suggestion box is now open. What should I make out of more of the quilt top?  Hmmm.....

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I can't wait to show you what Margo inspired!!!) hee-hee
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