Tuesday, February 15


Since last week I have spent many many many hours in my bedroom and on my couch (there has not been an arm removal session yet... but the year is still young.) due to the flu.  Please drink your orange juice.  And stock up on Vick's vapo rub. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I studied my bedroom from my inert position for many many many hours. That room has been in upheaval for approximately 2 years a while.  I have one big wall painted with black chalkboard paint. I LOVE it!  I have another wall painted with the "cameo beige" that I was going to use throughout the rest of the bedroom... haven't made it around the rest of the room yet 'cause the other two walls are still a beautiful pale yellow that happened after the last "I'm going to cook something!" fire. (paint... an excellent smoke damage fixer.)

The cameo beige has not inspired me.... that roll of curtain fabric has been there - leaning against the wall - just like that for approximately 2 years a while. I do not love the beige wall. So...

Remember the quilt top from here and here?

Some of it is now living happily on a pair of chrome chairs that are making their way in to the red.neck boudoir. Beige is no longer an option - it's been vetoed. fired. I have purposely lost the paint can.
Now I have three walls waiting for me - blank canvases!!! Should I go TurquoiseOrangeRaspberry?  Oh... I know... avocado green!!!

Ha! No - I'm kidding. I like the above bedroom with the white walls.  So (and these words will probably go down in my own history makin' book) "Robelyn is going to paint 3 walls white."  I know, I KNOW!  Can you believe it?  It's okay though - the world is not coming to an end - the chair colors will more than make up for the white walls. And just think how much fun I'm going to have pulling out allllllllllllllllllllllllll of the accent colors!

I can't do the antlers though... I'd probably put my eyeball out when I jumped out of bed skeert 'cause there is an animal's hood ornament on the wall.

What color(s) is your bedroom?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I just realized that Kleenex's are white.  Maybe that's where I got my "white wall" inspiration...)hee-hee

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