Thursday, September 9

Meet "Lu.cille"

Lucy, I'm home!

ETHEL: What are you writing about?
LUCY: I'm writing about things I know.
ETHEL: That won't be a novel. That will be a short story.

RICKY: We've got to use our brains.
LUCY: Well, let's see ..
RICKY: You stay out of this.

LUCY: I have a plan.
ETHEL: I'm still recuperating from your last plan.

And NOW!  Heeeeeeeere's Lucy!  Or "Lu.cille" as she likes to be referred to... 'cept said in that Texas red.neck twang "lou-seal" (gotta get the twang in thar)... design number TWO in the new line of red.neck "Day Bags"!  Inspired by the one and only - Lucille Ball.  You know how all of her dresses in I Love Lucy had the pointy collars?  Yeah... THAT is what inspired this 'un...

LUCY: I may not be able to understand what you say when you say it, but before you say it, I can understand what you're going to say perfectly.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I have a sudden urge to hike up my pants legs and go stompin' through a huge tub of grapes...) hee-hee
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