Tuesday, February 21

inspired by:

Stella McCartney. I have always thought that she is a phenomenal fashion designer! When I saw her dress on the cover of Lucky Magazine, I had to drag it home with me. (The magazine... not the dress. The dress is roughly $3,500... and no one wants to buy my kid (not that I've tried to sell him or anything *whistles innocently*)) If there was EVER a runway show during fashion week I would want to attend (besides Kate Spade's of course) it would be Stella's.

Usually when I'm inspired by something I'm not quite so literal in my translation...

example: I can see a huge red stop sign, run in to the laboratory and come out with a purple python bag sporting some fun acid green trim. Uh-huh... I'd stop for that one too. *giggle*

Anywho - the poke-me-dots, geometric fabric, heavy navy trim - the paisley and the floral...

all sent me running out to the laboratory. I ripped up a vinyl covered footstool, found some green and white poke-me-dots, dug through my trim stash knowing I had paisleyish somewhere... somewhere..., found some navy and white geometricish fabric and a navy suede skirt... stole "the Mama's" curtains again...

See the floral fabric? Back in the EARLY NINETIES "the Mama" made a bedroom set for her guest room (I found out yesterday she also had a dress made out of the fabric (just call her "Scarlet")). She moved her magical concoction from room to room - to a few different houses (where, of course, the curtains had to be re-made), then I stole it from her for MY guest room about 12 years ago, then my Sister-In-Law stole it from me for HER guest room... then a few years ago I got it back so that I could re-make the set in to a crib set (and more curtains...) for my youngest niece.

Now? A piece of it is dedicated to Stella. Because that's how things happen in my 'hood.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I still have a portion of a valance left of the original bedroom set... need anything? hee-hee
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