Wednesday, February 15

vintage vs. retro

what is the difference between vintage and retro?

example: i was just on Etsy and saw a shirt listed as: "Vintage 80's..."

to me? 80's is retro... maybe not even that!

weren't the 80's just a couple of years ago? i could have sworn the 80's were just a couple of years ago... (and i just pulled the exact shirt out of my closet with the whole "oh my gosh - this thing is from the 80's?!!!" shriek as I threw it in the burn-this-NOW pile.)

cindy lauper
really bad hair bands with the coolest hair evah!
duran duran *sigh*
keds and 4 pairs of socks (1 for each color in your outfit - all layered up... do you remember that?)
bangs that stood a mile high with so much aqua-net in them there was no way those poofyliscious works of art were going to de-poof...


are the 80's considered "vintage"? if so... i'm changing my birth certificate immediately.

vintage vs. retro. what is the defining date-line/age bracket?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where i'm walking like an egyptian...
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