Monday, March 5

an army of men...

*geesh* Get yer mind out of the gutter...

They make cute necklaces! I'm going to have some at Funky Finds Spring Fling... need me to save you a man?

Day 4 of the "Photo-A-Day" challenge was "bedside"... so I cleaned one side of my bedroom for you. *smile*

By my bed I have a:


because you can't have tooooooo many sparkles. Two of the above bracelets are from Ann, the master-mind behind Duct Tape and Denim. At Funky Finds I will have the REST of the awesome creations I sweet talked her out of! The other bracelet is my charm bracelet that "the Mama" started for me years ago... it is so much fun to watch it grow over the years!

Continuing on with the sparkle fest...

you can fill your world with glitter too! Just light up a globe (this one was half dead) with a pendant light kit, then get your glue and your glitter...

and glitter... and glitter... and glitter..

then spray it with a clear gloss finish!

It's the red.neck version of a disco ball.

All of the bedside magic happens on top of some cinder blocks. Because it's fun! And I'm a redneck!

The accent wall in my bedroom is painted with black chalkboard paint, then my bed (that my Grandfather built!) is high-gloss black. I have a few matelasse coverlets (1 as a box spring cover... all purchased from "the Mama" (that means: she didn't know I have them all until now...)) and a GORGEOUS crocheted afghan with every. single. color. in. the. rainbow.

Today the photo challenge is:

The resident teen makes me smile!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where yes: only 1 side of my bedroom is clean. no: I don't normally make my bed. yes: the army men DO always sleep there 'cause if I put them in the laboratory I'd never find them again. hee-hee
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