Friday, March 9

i'm taking my men...

and heading to Ft. Worth... it's Funky Finds Spring Fling SET-UP DAY!

I have my army of men ('cause a girl can ALWAYS use some extra hands!)...

some pocketbooks...

you should see her in person... layers and layers of lace... sparkles and pearls... velvet... 12.5" suede fringe... i want to keep her!
and... let's see what else... I have some concrete and some dish towels and some shirts that have been Saddle Tramp stamped and some of the always present duct tape and pearls and some more pocketbooks and some SUDZ (so those shirts can be warshed!) and some red.neck Glam and some lip grease (pucker up baby!) and some more concrete and some note cards and some more sparkles and some lamps and some more pocketbooks... I don't think I've overlooked one detail!

Oh - WAIT!

*drum roll please...*


you should see the back of her (of course i don't have a photo!)... more velvet and lace and an old-school cameo and more leather... did i mention 12.5" suede fringe? I WANT TO KEEP HER!

I'm loaded up and marchin' out!

comin' to you LIVE from Funky Finds Spring Fling where did I mention I have concrete? I do. And some cardboard... even a few pizza boxes... you should come see... really... you should, because how does all of that tie in with the lacy/leathery/creamy/ruffley piece of perfection up there that I REALLY WANT TO KEEP?!?! Oh, and some army men! Sumbodee has gots to keep me outta trouble... hee-hee
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