Wednesday, March 21

busy fishing feet and polka dots UPDATED

I'm getting ready for Warrenton/Zapp Hall and I'm staying:

Cutting and sewing, sewing and cutting, painting, packing, pricing... sewing and sewing and sewing, painting...

Several of my paint jobs are on hold until the flood waters go down. This is Texas... we go from extreme drought to flood warnings in the blink of an eye. Or... like a flash of lightnin'!

I won't admit to how much time I spent this morning looking for tad-poles in my front yard.  *smile*

My hands are really clean from making soap yesterday. As I was making the soap I wondered how they get the tiny seeds off of fresh strawberries so that I can put them in my soap. Yes, I could be a tad bit over-worked, but one does have to wonder... right?

I've taken my fair share of naps and side-trips in the middle of the bizzyness...

one was to the "Robelyn, you've been going so fast yer out of "make-it" supplies" store where they had some fun silk flowers:

because every girl has to have some polka-dots in her life (and these are the only kind of flowers I can grow.).  *snicker*

Now - after spending the morning at the Dr's office with the "resident teen" who woke up in the middle of the night with a stinging foot that has turned purple and red and is swollen up like a blow fish (we're waiting on x-rays right now)...

Edited to add: The x-rays came back and there are no broken or fractured toes! So... he's on 10 days of antibiotics aka: HORSE PILLS (good GRIEF they are HUGE!) and we're watching to make sure the bruising goes away and streaks or any other weird toe things don't happen!

I'm going to sew and paint and create and package and price SEW fast it's gonna look like I have electricity runnin' through my feet.


comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where yeah... I realize the foot lamp is slightly uhmm... crazyinsanemorbidcertifiable... different... but it's TOTALLY giggle worthy at the same time. LOLOL

p.s. if you aren't busy right now i'll take your help... we can discuss all of the ways they might get tiny strawberry seeds off of fresh strawberries and i'll pay you in soap, feet, purses... rain water... whatever you would like. *big cheesy grin*
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