Tuesday, March 13

Funky FUN!

the land o' duct tape and red.necks... complete with the ever-present 12.5" fringe bags!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Yesterday was all about un.loading and un.packing from the Funky Finds Spring Fling... if I didn't see you there - I SEW wish I had!!! It was FUN!!!  I tell ya... Joe and Jessica - the CEO's and master-minds of Funky Finds - are two of the best and their shows are my favorite to do. I never drive home without a smile on my face!

Talk about LOTS o' PEOPLE... it was a packed house on both days and I'm such a nerd that I took pictures first thing Saturday morning... then was so busy the rest of the week-end I forgot about my camera! But... I will tell you - I got to hang out with some of my favorites!

First Up:

i stole this photo from Linda's facebook page! sssshhhhh.......

Linda Kinnaird Jewelry. (you can find her HERE!) I get tickled every time I get to visit with Linda... she has a FANTABULOUS creative mind and is an absolute JOY to visit with. Guess what... you didn't miss your chance to meet her... she will be at the Petticoats on the Prairie show this week-end in Waxahatchie! I think I'm going to go harass her again myself...

And, YAY! Again this show I was right across from Sheryl of ReWind Art Studios!

There is so much trouble Sheryl and I could get in to... she's incredibly fun to have as a neighbor - and talent? Good grief she has it... can you imagine the patience and thought that goes in to each mosaic piece?!

Then I got to chat with the cutest lil' Texas gal you will ever see! Ashley of:

I stole her blog header... ssssshhhhh......
Ashley was there with her GORGEOUS sparkles and slips... I didn't get around the corner with my camera, but I will show you what I walked away with last fall:

it's one of my favorite bracelets to wear! Don't worry - you still have a chance to catch up with Ashley and her posse at Petticoats on the Prairie this week-end... and I'm so excited - she's going to come visit me at Zapp in a couple of weeks! You'll know ME by my to-die-for bracelet - and Ashley (and her mother!) by her signature red.neck Chic fringe bag!

ya'll come back now...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I am duct taped to the sewing machine... Zapp Hall/Antiques Week/Warrenton is just around the corner.... yikes!!! What are YOU up to?!
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