Saturday, March 3

day 3.

Kristi (my dear sweet wonderful friend, Sister from another mother... that continuously gets me in to trouble 'cause she's more of a hoodlum than I am...) the CEO and master-mind over at Junkology 101, got me all fired up to be a part of Fat Mum Slim's "Photo A Day" challenge.

Well... uhmmm.... I didn't realize that it was March until after I had missed a couple of days! So this month I will show you my world through my eyes every so often!

There wasn't much of a fence between this guy and the nerd (who oddly enough has the same color hair as the bull does) holding the camera... so this is as close as my lens would get me. I'm crazy... just not "get a lil' closer" crazy.

And he was looking at me.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where Funky Finds Spring Fling IS a pet friendly event... think this guy walks on a leash? *mooooooo*

p.s. Cedar Chest Antique Mall is one of my FAVORITE places to shop and I spent some time there today!!! Wait 'til you see all of the FUN that is in there!!!
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