Thursday, July 19

roadtrippin' ramblings...

* i did not get run over while taking this picture... but i can and DO play a mean game of "chicken".

I took a lil' road trip and got to thinking about the movie:

one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies. EVER. I could watch it a million times INaROW kind of favorite movies.

When Jack Nicholson's character busts out his road trip music... there are recordings for each mood that might happen on their trip from New York to Baltimore. I giggle because: my little flashdrive thing that is fully loaded with music is JUST like that. Feelin' it? I can accompany you via the stereo in the duct tape mobile.

One of my favorites:

Because I'm not a genre snob, I have some of EVERYTHING (click on each name and you'll get some of my favorite songs!). John and Placido make beautiful music together... a little Brandi Carlile, some Blackeyed Peas... Greenday... then comes some Quiet Riot (don't judge...) and The Ramones... Frank Sinatra and Kenny Chesney... Steve Miller and Israel Kamakawiwo 'Ole... Sublime and Ella Fitzgerald...

Cat Stevens... Sugarland... Slipknot...

another favorite:

Because I firmly believe in and I'm good at entertaining myself... I cataloged license plates from:

South Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Washington, Ontario, Georgia, Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Maine, Oklahoma, Illinois, New York, California, Arizona, Colorado and... TEXAS!

What is some of your favorite road trippin' music?

comin' to you LIVE from the single-wide where this morning I'm hangin' out with Nina and Elvis...
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