Saturday, August 4


me: “is everybody buckled in?”

the ThrEEE girls:
"I am"... "I’m not"... "I’m not".

*birds chirping*

“is everybody buckled in?”

"I am"... "I’m not"... "I’m not".

*more birds chirping*

“is everybody buckled in?”

"I am"... "I’m not"... "I’m not".

“why aren’t ya’ll buckled in?”

middle E: “you just asked if we were buckled in... you didn't tell us to buckle in.”

*birds chirping*


“these stairs are really steep”

“be very careful going down them”

“what if I fall down the stairs?”

“there’s an elevator, would ya’ll like to take the elevator down instead?”

“no. i want to see if she falls down the stairs.”

yeah, me too. she would land right down there at the bottom on that wood.”


big E: “let’s play the ABC game”

“which ABC game?”

“yeah, which one”

“the one where we pick a topic, then each of us has to say a word about that topic”

“give me an example”

“okay, like if the topic is “food” then I would say “that” and you would say “food” and middle E would say “was” and little E would say “good”.
Then, we would pick another topic, maybe “car”, and I would say “that” and you would say “car” and middle E would say “is” and little E would say “red”.

little E: “no I wouldn’t”

big E: “that is just an example”

little E: “but I wouldn’t say red”

me: “why wouldn’t you say red?”

little E: “because the car was black”.

middle E: “what does topic mean?”


“okay, ya’ll be sure to get your burps out before we go in to Gran-Mommy’s because you can’t do that with her.”

The hair bows came off at that point... my 17 year old man-child has NOTHING on three little girls.

and big brother-o'-mine? i know that they learned that from you because:

“you should hear my Dad after he eats the salmon balls that my Mom makes”

“yeah, it’s funny”

“what happens?”

BBBBBUUUUURRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPpppppppppppppp x 3 little girls.

"I wonder what songs he can burp?"

dear Sir and father-of-three... yer so busted. how did you teach three little girls in hair bows, pink flowers and ruffles to BURP like that? Good grief...


"know why Kung Fu Panda couldn't get off the couch?"

"no, why?"

"he had the Kung Flu"


"i'm your "mini-me", everyone says so"

"yes, you are. and little E is Uncle Steve's "mini-him".

"yeah, she can write with both hands like he does"

"and she makes up songs"

*big grin from little E*

"i write with my right hand, she writes with her right hand"

"the "resident teen" writes with his left hand"

"why does he write with his left hand?"

"i don't know"

"that's just crazy."

*pointing to Little E*

"she's weird because she can write with both hands"

"i might be weird, but i got a cookie with my sandwich and you didn't."

comin' to you STILL ALIVE but my head is kinda reeling  from a single-wide... 
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