Tuesday, August 7

honey'd words of wisdom.

One of the things that Honey (Honey's Home + Style) has said to me a number of times and has ALWAYS stuck with me like duct tape is:

"Only Buy What You Love."

So, I do.

The PROBLEM with that is... I buy it. And I want to keep it.

i have 3 of these... i'm keeping 2. *doh*

Because, I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't make me weak-in-the-knees, give me heart palpitations and make my toes tingle.

I dunno HOW Honey does it in her shop. Honey's Home + Style is filled top-to-bottom and side-to-side with gorgeousness... and she wouldn't have bought it if she didn't love it.

I know this because she said so... Honey told me her secret.

Everything you have seen so far was bought with the whole "I'm gonna take this to my "mercantile" in The Hillsboro Antique Mall and everyone will want to buy it because it takes my breath away and makes my toes tingle" mind set.

i found 2 sign stands... i'm selling 4. uh huh... progress.

Instead? I'm gonna over-haul my living room. Which is going to be a project as big as the SUPER HUGE CRAZY COLORED VINTAGE GROOVY quilt top that I found made out of ATROCIOUSLY bright and colorful FUN vintage fabric samples. (imagine it on my turquoise couch... against my saffron walls... *giggle*)

well... minus the dry, DEAD, grass area rug... and oh... INSIDE the single-wide... not in the back pasture.

The floral chair? It's been loitering for a few months because it's yet another thing I bought out of vintage-lust...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where right now I'm watching Hoarders... and writing this post about keeping things and having things sitting around waiting for me to keep more things... and looking back at the TV and watching Hoarders... and I am a bit worried...

Honey, next time you tell me to "only buy what you love", will you PLEASE add "with the intent to resell".
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