Thursday, August 9

yee HAW!

Kristi from Junkology 101 and CEO of  Checkered Past

(ONLY one of my FAVORITE people EVER (and when I say favorite, I mean FAVORITE...) she's the first face I look for in the cow pastures, and I stalk her watch to see what else she's up to so I can see her other places... I even crash 3 day events that she's participating in just so I can stalk her see her...)

posted this photo on my facebook page with the caption: "it's so you"...

she gets me!!!

Wanna stalk follow Kristi with me?

here's her blog
here's her facebook page

I have her phone number and her email... and I think I've figured out where she lives....

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that could (or if she's reading this - could NOT be) in transit to Kristi's house... you just never REALLY know...

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