Tuesday, November 20


Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving with family and friends? Pulling out the extra chairs? Do you have your "kid's table" and your "grown-up's table" all laid out - the settings ready to go?

How about entertainment - do you have that covered? Movies rented so that you can watch them on the big-screen? Background music? The perfect lighting for your Thanksgiving feast?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where this is NOT my yard - but I swear... I would TOTALLY crash this party just 'cause I find the set-up so fun! There are chairs set around tables... keyboard organs and stereos... bbq pits... a television... oh yeah... red.necks CERTAINLY know how to gather and celebrate friends and family... how are your Thanksgiving preparations going?


  1. I would SO be willing to bet that really IS your yard!!!

    Is that TV stacked on top of an organ? LMBO!!!!

    If that is a Thanksgiving place setting, I bet the main entree will be chitlings...

    Happy Turkey Day, Robelyn...


  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ,Robelyn!

  3. I would be right with you to crash this party! Thats a set up for a fine shindig for sure.
    I am going to cook my very first turkey this year. Not for THE Thanksgiving meal but for Black Friday.
    Happy Turkey Day my fun, beautiful red neck friend!

  4. I don't get the mirrors? Is that to make it look more spacious? ;)
    Oh, and don't think I didn't spot that jam-box over there...for MOOD MUSIC
    ~Happy Thanksgiving Robelyn!



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