Thursday, November 15

inspired by...

I pinned this bracelet to one of my Pinterest boards a few weeks ago:

And I've stopped to look at it mannnnnnny times since!

I ADORE the “old school” cross-stitch mixed with metal! I think it’s one of the greatest contrasts that I've seen in a long time – and I’m all about contrast! Since the bracelet was part of an art exhibit (and rightfully so) I quit looking for where to buy it and decided to use it as my PinSpiration.

Cross-stitching abilities are NOwhere on the red.neck Chic resume because I get all confused, tangled and lose count of whatever stitches I was supposed to be stitching and end up with strings everywhere but where they are supposed to be... Instead? Here’s what I did:

Supplies Needed...

Plus some E6000, clothes pins and a small piece of leather.

There are filigree findings in all of the crafty stores right now – so I am SURE that you can find some that tickle your creative bone!!!

I took the flat filigree flowers and broke them in half - then broke the third part off - to make the leaves...

and started running various colors of embroidery floss through all of the holes...

making my flowers and my leaves. I would like to say that I used some magical technique, but... there was absolutely no method to my madness (you know me - I just roll with it...) so just stitch the stitch that makes you happy!

When I was done:

I stitched all of my flowers and leaves in to place using the holes in the silver cuff bracelet I found. If you don’t have holes in your cuff bracelet:

E6000 and some fantastically red.neck clamps (aka: clothes pins) work wonders!

Because I had stitched the flowers to my cuff, I secured a strip of leather to the inside (to hold my ends) then I glued some sparkles in to my happy flower centers... and I dropped some glue in all kinds of other places to hold leaves a little flatter, (got some in my hair), etc. etc.

Super simple – super happy! Are you going to make one? I think I’m going to call mine my “wrist garden” because actual gardening is MIA off the red.neck Chic resume along with cross-stitching... and cooking...

comin’ to you LIVE from a single-wide where I needed to find some inspiration – what has been inspiring you lately?
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