Thursday, January 7

100 Flowers in Australia

YEEEEEEE HAW!!! I adopted my 100th follower!!!  How cool is THAT? Somebody else jumped in the duct tape roll!!!  And - she's a fellow Texan ya'll!!! Welcome Diane!!! (Do you think she's a red.neck?  Hmmmmm...)

If she is - I've got the perfect thing for her to keep her red.neck warm - and it is CHILLY here in this neck o' the woods!!!  Yep, you guessed it - a scarf sportin' my latest obsession...

 a burnnnnnt up flower!!!

So - Diane!  I need your mailing address please!!!  I know it's cold... but I'll make the postman run just for you!!!  Ya'll be sure and wander over to welcome her - she's got a gorgeous blog and she's making a journal - Diane, when is that going in your Etsy store?  LOL

And now for the rest of the story...

I have a bag headin' out to Australia this afternoon!!!  This is my second one to make the journey to the "Outback" - I love it so much when my duct tape goes over-seas, over land, over pavement and gravel and dessert... heck, I love it when I get to send one ANYWHERE - Thank You Penelope!!!
Anyway, my packaging. Last night I updated my packaging just a little bit!  I always tie a piece of black velvet ribbon on my package (It's SUPPOSED to represent the "chic" in "red.neck Chic" *shrug*) but, uhmmmm..... I've stolen all the black velvet ribbon I can find off of dresses, bags, vintage rolls, perfect strangers - anything and everything!  So, in the true spirit of flamage, recycling and melting things...

I cut up a velvet skirt (sorry Mom, I think it was yours...), a black taffeta vest back and a black chiffon party dress - VOILA (after adding a pearl from a vintage necklace)!  I think I might have an "upgrade" to the good ol' duct tape!!!  Whatcha' think? It has a brooch back on it so it's not only decorative - but a lil' "sumthin'" special for my customer! Would you grin if you received one?

I told you... nothing is safe - nothing.  I'm out to not only duct tape the world but apparently sprinkle petals as well... I wonder what Big Fat Fatty the cat would say to a floral collar...

Comin' to you LIVE from a flower be-decked single-wide... hee-hee
;-) robelyn
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